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2021 Professional Development Bytes

When: Live on July 26, 2020 (via Zoom; sessions will be recorded)

Registration is free for Ohio as America multi-year subscribers. To acquire your free registration, contact us at

The fee to all other participants is $20 per person and you can register now here.

Participants who attend the live sessions will receive contact hours in a rate of one contact hour per session. If you attend all live sessions, you will get five contact hours in total.


Check our sessions' descriptions below.

Session 1.  9:00 – 10:00 am

Tag, You're It! - Catch-Up Pedagogy

Presenter: Carla Mello (Manager of School & Teacher Support at Ohio History Connection) 

After the school year we just had, there’s a lot of discussion about “lost year” and catch-up pedagogy. This session will present different strategies, based on research and data, that you should consider as you plan your curriculum and lesson plans for 2021-2022. We aim to provide some valuable insight to support you and your students as they continue their academic journey after a significant disruption.


Session 2.  10:30-11:30 pm

The Idea of Mattering is Essential

Presenter: Christopher Miller (Senior Director of Education & Community Engagement at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center)

Schools should not avoid discussions about racism, sexism, and other uncomfortable realities in the classroom, particularly matters that students witness in their daily lives and are impactful to them. A meaningful education that challenges and inspires students to be courageous in matters of justice and equity benefits our society and community. It is through an authentic exploration of the social behavior of the past, that we discovery that we matter to ourselves and others. In this session, we will explore methods to approach meaningful discussions in the classroom to insight critical thinking, effective communication, and greater understanding of social realties through stories rooted in the Underground Railroad era. 


Session 3 – 1:00-2:00 pm

Let's talk It Out - Navigating Difficult Conversations

Presenter: Demitri Johnson (Staff Attorney II, Legal Aid Society of Columbus)

The past year has required a lot more flexibility than we are used to, especially when interacting with our students, family members, administrators and our local community. Join school law attorney Demitri Johnson for a discussion of why it's important to have difficult conversation. Get tips and trick for how to engage in difficult or sensitive matters across multiple communication platforms.


Session 4 - 2:30-3:30 pm

Discussing Controversy in the Classroom

Presenter: Ryan Suskey (Director of Programs at the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education)

Schools should incorporate discussion of current local, national, and international issues and events in to the classroom, particularly those that young people view as important to their lives. When students have an opportunity to discuss current issues in a classroom setting, they tend to have a greater interest in civic life and politics as well as improved critical thinking and communication skills. In this session, we will share methods to approach such discussions in the classroom with clear definitions and examples.


Session 5 – 4:00-5:00 pm

What Happens If I Push This Button? – Explore Ohio as America

Presenters: Trevor Rhodes (Content Coordinator at Ohio History Connection)

This is your chance to take a deeper look into our award-winning digital curriculum. If you have questions about managing assessments, grading, and additional features of our online curriculum, this is your chance to get information directly from our new content coordinator.


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